Crestron is the world leading in Automation

Since 1969, Crestron Electronics is the leading provider of control and automation systems for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and more. Crestron provides the ultimate technology lifestyle. No matter where you are, or what you do, with Crestron you’re always connected.

Crestron At Home


You don’t need multiple remotes just to watch television, or a wall filled with switches and knobs that takes you 3 tries to find the right light. Take control of your home with just one button press from a sleek Crestron touch screen, designer engraved keypad or your iPad™, iPhone® or iPod® touch. Select a movie to watch or music to enjoy from your favourite chair. Adjust your lights, shades, temperature and check on your alarm system without getting out of bed. The comfort and convenience of the ultimate technology lifestyle can be yours. The possibilities are endless, whatever you can imagine Crestron can do.

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At work


Whether you need to control an AV presentation, video conference internationally or update your digital signage, Crestron has a control system to keep you connected. Monitor your enterprise to increase sustainability by tracking your carbon footprint to see where you use on site energy, and how you can continue to reduce energy costs. Add room sensors and set presets for shades to control daylight harvesting and only use lights as they are needed. Show off your energy savings from a flash-based, stylish interface in your lobby. Book an available conference room that has the technology and space you need, directly from Outlook or on your web browser. There are no limitations to keep your organisation on the cutting-edge, increase efficiency and lower costs.

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On the move


Add the Crestron control app to your mobile devices, iPhone®, iPad™, laptop or MacBook and show off to your friends all that you can do from the golf course or even the beach. Flaunt the awesome Crestron sound system you just installed in your yacht. Notice how the museum you went to this weekend has the same touch screen on the wall that you have in your house. Everywhere you are, whatever you need, with Crestron you’re connected.

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Crestron is one of the most complete Automation system where the only limit is your imagination

Crestron - High Quality


Military grade hardware for a long life span and quality content.



Extremely reliable with your home system.

Non Non-Sense configuration


The system is made around you and NOT around the system. In order to make it easy and simple, our engineer will make your system the most intuitive possible following YOUR logic. So you never forget how to use your system.

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Crestron - Compatible


Crestron is compatible with most electronic device that you will find in the market. As long as there is an IR, IP or RS-232 our engineer will make it work. And if there isn’t, there is always a way.

Crestron - Hi-tech


Always a step again for his competitors, Crestron is one of the most advanced Automation system for Houses, Offices, Buildings and Conference rooms.

Your logic


Tired of having a system that is now following your logic or after leaving a few months you forgot how to turn on the TV? Crestron is totally custom and we can do anything at a touch of a button

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