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CommandFusion is an affordable and complete automation system for your home or office controlled simply by a tablet or smart phone. (i.e. IPad, IPhone). The basic module allows to control numerous devices such as switches, dimmers, Climate control devices, Shutters, curtains, A.V. media devices and many more. Easy to install and highly reliable, works with most of IP controlled appliances brands like KNX, Lutron, Creston, Insteon as well basically all A.V. Brands. It has an embedded wide angle Infrared blaster, 2 outlets for extra IR transmitters (supports up to 8IR), 2 RS 232 Outputs and 4 IO contacts. Can be extended if necessary with additional modules. A Pro Version for Rackmount is also available.

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The efficiency with extreme elegance. This is by far the most graphical and user-friendly home automation ever. Very simple to use, with explicit graphics displayed on the remote control (mainly IPad tablets), or a nicely design small physical remote with a touch screen (an accessory proposed by Savant). The system can control Lutron automation devices as well as most of the A.V. Brands, IR or RS232, IP Cameras or interphone systems. A huge variety of Scenes can be programmed to allow the control with just one-touch on the remote of basically everything in your house. Possibility to add or replace a faulty remote in minutes as all the programming is stored into the main unit. A demo in our showroom will definitely catch your attention.

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Crestron is the most advanced automation system for Home, Office and official buildings. This is the Rolls Royce of automation systems. Can control any type of appliance by IR, IP or RS 232. A huge number of interface modules are available for all kind of applications. The remote controls proposed are Tablets ( IPad most common) 4 different types of Creston remote controls also available for any type of installation ( home, office, conference room etc). Presence modules, Wi-Fi display modules and many more, basically solutions for any type of applications needed can be customized and realized with this system. Visit our showroom for a quick demo, you will be thrilled how simple it is to use it.

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The most efficient, elegant and easy way to control your home or office. Remain in control at all times of your appliances. Save energy and model your environment according to your habits and taste. Be able to remotely control your house or office appliances or devices can often save you time and futile expenses. It is an efficient and modern way of comfort that has become more and more affordable.

No Formation


The system is built around your needs taste and logic. No factory presets or complicated manipulations. Intuitive and very simple to use. Real automatic actions programmed the way YOU want with possibility to modify at any time the functionality. Remote servicing, no need to wait for an appointment.



“Green Style” is no longer an exotic action, it has become a necessity. Be able to measure in Real-Time and optimize your power and water consumption, is not only saving money but also saving the resources of our environment. The automation systems can do that automatically if they are correctly programmed. It is the future available now.

Smart Home


No more waste of energy or resources. Your home or office will become Intelligent and dynamic. It will ease your life style and reduce your stress considerably.

Scalable technology


You can start with a basic system (for example in one room) and progressively add new zones (devices) into your Smart Home concept

Remote Assistance


Programming modifications, malfunction or any functionality issues can be fixed by remote assistance. No need for an appointment or delays. A remote IT center is available to assist you.

Confort & Security


Proactive in your house or office security. Automatic triggers can be activated when a malfunction or anomaly is detected by the system. The technology can prevent human or property damage. Temperature sensors, smoke detectors, cameras, movement detectors can be used to secure the house or office and programmed to trigger the correct alarm to the owner and to the security surveillance company. A video footage of any triggered event can be saved on a database vault. Very useful for insurance claims.

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